A few days ago, there was a post mentioning how to wash your tights properly in order to keep them longer. This post is typically going to discuss how to properly take care of your hosiery and keep them as long as possible. Most hosiery, whether you know it or not is pretty delicate, especially the low denier kind or the more sheer ones. Follow these simple steps and your tights might actually last you an entire season. Trust me, mine did.

Try wearing Gloves!

Opening up a fresh pack of tights is a great feeling but putting them on is a different story. Try snagging them as soon as they’ve come in contact with your toenails or your ring! This is probably the most off-putting thing about hosiery. To fix the problem try wearing soft cotton or satin gloves, those gloves will protect your hoseiry. Im not talking about winter gloves or mittens, these are made just for your tights… Try also cutting your toenails.. girls you know what I’m talking about.Slide them on properly
Ensure the seam on the toe is straight and facing you (use those gloves) and roll up at the feet. Slide them on the knees and from there pull the excess fabric from the feet to the knees, grasping the waistband at the same time and pull upwards. Once the waistband is properly adjusted, pull up the excess fabric once again so that the tights are evenly spread on each leg.

toe reinforcement

Peel them off 

Whether you like it or not, taking off your tights can be the most horrifying part. If your ring or bracelet gets caught or if they have been stretched too much then they will undeniably tear.  Start from the top waistband and slowly peel them off until you’re free.

Now that you’ve got all the details on how to keep and take care of your tights, you might be able to keep them for an entire season.


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