Hollywood Golden Age and its sparkles, who don’t know them? In this article, we will talk about the iconic actresses/goddess that we all loved and who created the legend of Hollywood! Pay attention to their tights as well 😉

Carole Lombard 1908

Known as the most well paid actress in the 30’s, Carole reached her peak of fame during this decade when she was playing most of the time comedies. Timeless style is her signature, her beauty and talent never let anyone indifferent. Unfortunately, she died tragically in a plane crash during the World War II but she still remains as a legend in the movie industry.

Ava Gardner 1922

Last sibling of a big farming family, she became famous after posing for her sister’s husband in New York when she was only 18. Her beauty was for sure uncontestable but her accent was so strong that she had to take some classes with a coach in order to be able to play in movies. The fame hit her in 1946 with the movie The Killers where she was absolutely astonishing!

Fishnet tights and sparkling tights, love it!

Marilyn Monroe 1926

The perfect incarnation of “Blonde Bombshell”, Marilyn is a sex symbols on the 50’s, a popular and a cultural icon. Many artists have been inspired by her beauty and her attractive look and smile like Andy Warhol, a reference in the pop art. She used to live a personal and professional tormenting life that made here even more famous. Even she passed away way too soon, her image stays as one of the most sensual woman who have ever existed. She will be remained in our life surely forever. What a beautiful woman!

And some more fishnet tights 😉

Audrey Hepburn 1929

“He doesn’t even know that I exist”, that’s not possible Audrey! How can we not know you? What a talented and gorgeous woman. By the age of 23, she got her first Oscar and she’s still considered as a film and fashion icon nowadays. Her elegant style marked decades of generations and still inspires so many women. Look at her beautiful cat eyes, how could you even resist to her beauty and her sense of style?

Looks like some fishnet tights

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