When you go shopping, you take time to try different clothes sizes to make sure it fits perfectly to your body shape but when it comes to tights, many women don’t really pay attention to the tights size since they can’t try them directly. So let me give you some tips that may be useful for your next tights purchase.

First Point – Choose the good size, use the Chart

Always check the chart on the back of the package because the sizes may differ from different brands. In any case, your jeans/pants size is not a good reference for tights size since most of the time women have to wear one bigger size. If you’re between two categories, you better choose the upper size because if you take a too small, it’s less comfortable/flexible and you might rip them very quickly.

meter for sizing clothes

Second Point – Don’t take too big

Don’t take them too big as well, you will lose them and they will look baggy on your legs and ankles. Moreover, if you wear shiny tights it’s important to take the good size in order to get the shiny result.

Third Point – You’re not a tights expert

Don’t try to guess if the tights size is good when you look at the tights out of their packaging. Depending on the fabric and then to their flexibility, you would never know if they will fit you well, you have to try them on to realize if they are the good size.

women sizing meter clothes

Fourth Point – There is tights for any morphology

If you’re not a “classic” size/weight woman, you should probably check for other tights with some specific requirements like a special waistband that will give all the support that you need. They would fit you more correctly, they would be more comfortable and you will keep them longer.

What you have to remember

In conclusion, you better choose a bigger size if you hesitate, it’s for your comfort and the duration of your tights and therefore your wallet! 😉 As you may imagine, “one size fits all” tights are therefore not appropriate for most of the woman so you might reconsider some other tights options.

I hope this article will help you with your next purchase. If you wish some other tips about any other subjects that may concern tights, don’t hesitate to share your willing in the below comments!

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