You can already feel the sun trying to peep through the clump of clouds, it’s nearly the end of this cold winter season! You can nearly wear what you want but not quite yet. My mother always said “ En avril ne te découvre pas d’un fil, en mai fais ce qu’il te plaît” – basically translates to ” In April don’t uncover by a thread but in May do wear what you want” – clearly it sounds better in French than it does in English but you get our point. 

The past few days were sunny and felt great, reminiscing of lounging by the lake and soaking in the sun surrounded by music and friends around a BBQ Pit. Now we’re even more excited for summer, but before that, spring is going to be here before we know it. We thought we would select a few popular styles of fun yet chic tights that would pair perfectly with any outfit for any event ranging from parties, weddings, dinners or Sunday brunches. Choose your outfit and go to the event!

Sheer hosiery typically ranges from 5Den to 20Den – this gives your legs a perfectly toned yet sheer look, with a flawless finish. Depending if you want thicker tights,  usually, 30 to 40Den then we’ve also got those looks ready for you. The lighter the denier, the more polished your look – also it depends if you prefer a more matte look. We’ve made a selection of different pairs of tights that give you that flawless and chic look using all DIM hosiery, in either black or nude tights.

We absolutely love these light yet super fun DIM Feathered tights. They’re great for any day event, paired with a little black dress at brunch on a Sunday. WOW!  Have a look below.

DIM Plumetis – Les Fantaisies

Feathered Tights
Feathered Tights

If you’re more into the nude legs look then what about these 17Den light-tan tights the color of sweet honey? They give off this contoured yet summer-before-the-summer-look. No one wants bare white legs while everyone else looks tan! These tights make your legs look longer and slimmer when the light hits the tights in the right ways… yes! Paired with virtually anything and it will work, whether its shorts, skirts, dresses or even under jeans if you’re feeling chilly. 

Sublime – Contouring Light Honey 17D

tan tights honey legs
tan tinght honey mytights 20 DEN
Black Opaque Tights Sneaker – 2 pairs

SneakersWe’ve been seeing this on the runway a lot recently and we’re absolutely crushing over this look. The perfect matte black 50Den tights that pair amazingly with a short dress and of course … sneakers! These are a little special though, these tights already have an integrated sole that offers ultimate comfort when you’re wearing sneakers all day. These are comfortable, soft to the touch and resistant.


To finish off, we found these tights that are absolutely perfect for any style, any day and any event. It all depends on what look you’re trying to pull off. If you need to add a little color to your outfit, then this is the way to go. These Velouté Style Opaque 50Dtights come in 19 different colors and give off a matte effect, with a toe reinforcement and comfortable high-waisted belt. Check them out. In the mood for red, mustard yellow or baby blue? Or pick out another color you love!

blue tights woman young with leathered shoes
yellow tights woman young with leathered shoes

We showed you a couple of looks that you could rock in spring. Whether you like the more edgy look, polished yet classy look or the fun spring colorful looks. We gave you a few outfits we love and the trends that a lot of celebrities are going to pull off this season. We can’t wait for you to try these out and look amazing, we hope you loved the looks we proposed!

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