Summer is here and we’re all out to enjoy BBQ surrounded by friends. We’re enjoying the late evenings and we are planning our holidays for this summer… But wait! Summer is already here in fact! Wow, time flies and now it’s time to get ready for the festivals. Can’t wait for that!

Festival vibes

Let’s face it, we all know that festivals are the place to be in summer, to feel all the good vibes, drink some beer and other drinks, dance, enjoy some good music surrounded by friends and strangers. Yes strangers ladies, if you’re like me a single person or just like to meet people, it’s always time to get ready for the festival experience! Get your bohemian clothes, sneakers and some PVC boots packed, because it might be rainy (yes, it’s always kind of messy with the weather or the mud in any case, so better to protect your foot). And what about some tights? Of course! Grab them from your closet, they will be perfect to bring “the” final easy touch that you need.

Let’s get dressed!

Fishnet tights or knee tights are perfect to wear because you don’t really need to watch them out, they’re not that fragile compared to classic tights. You can play with the different colors, type of tights (knee tights or classic tights) and hole sizes in order to create different styles. Easy to wear with low/high boots or even sneakers, you should find your personal touch!

Make a first good impression and let everyone remember you with your outfit and beautiful smile.

Enjoy your summer!

giphy woman swimming ppool dancing

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