Time to get up and out of bed to commence the day. It includes work and then an after-work date with a small get-to-know-each-other-date. The question lingering in your head since you woke up this morning. “What am I going to wear for my Tinder date tonight?!”

Here’s the deal, you’ve never met him before apart from talking to each other for a good two weeks via text messages and a few Snapchats here and there.

You deserve this date, after all the time and effort you put into the conversations, let’s hope it’s going to be a good genuine one. Specifically, let’s hope he actually looks like he does in his pictures. And of course, you want to give a first good impression of yourself! So either raid that closet or better yet, this calls for SHOPPING!

Choosing an outfit for your Tinder date can say a lot about you, are you trying to dress casual and play it cool or are you going to dress up as fancy? What will your outfit say about you, your personality, your intentions or even your sense of style? Well, we’re here to help answer your questions. We put together a few great outfits for your Tinder date, go on and check them out.

Fishnet stockings and a dress can work great together. You don’t want to reveal too much, so try pairing it with sneakers or low rise leather boots for a more casual feel. Or if you are more on the trendy side, a pair of denim jeans are perfect. They’re timeless and can be very chic when matched with a nice blouse or a white t-shirt. Try wearing your fishnet tights UNDER a pair or denim baggy/boyfriend or ripped jeans. Laid back, not trying too hard but looking still totally decent.  We gave you two completely different looks, fishnet tights paired with a blue coat and one with the fishnet tights under a pair of pants.

If you have more of a classic look – try a pair of skinny jeans with mocassins and a cute fitted T-shirt and blazer (any color works). My mother always told me, ” if you look good then you’ll feel good”. This tip comes in handy a lot, especially when heading over to your Tinder date! Try wearing knee-high socks (15Den is perfect due to its transparency and sheerness) under your mocassins. He’ll look at you and insinuate that you’re a busy modern woman who has her life together and probably went to work before meeting him up for drinks.

fishnets tights with Diesel
blazer klouis vuitton bag

The third outfit – sheer black 20D tights, plaid shorts (or a skirt), knee-high boots and a big fat fluffy sweater. Perfect. It combines all the classy, modern, chic and serious woman look. Who doesn’t love a fat sweater and knee-high boots? They give you a sexy edge while the sweater neutralizes and adds an “I’m not trying too hard” look.

Conclusion, a Tinder date is nice but don’t over-do it. Stay true to yourself and be who you really are, nothing can go wrong here! Don’t try too hard, don’t reveal too much and above all you don’t know if you will like him anyway! Confidence is the sexiest outfit you can wear.

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