Have you seen those transparent PVC sheer raincoats and boots on the runways for the spring/summer collection? Balmain and Chanel showed us as fashionable it may be to wear clear high boots and we love it!

You might either like or dislike PVC but we all agree that this fabric makes some unique style and let nobody indifferent. PVC bags, raincoats and even shoes are out the streets this spring but we should be careful to accessorize our outfit correctly, otherwise it might look very cheap or even trashy. So let’s be inspired by some good examples!



What do you think to get some tights with your transparent boots? It’s time to show off your creativity and your unique style before it gets too warm outdoor. Yes, we prefer not to sweat too much in our PVC boots or shoes, it might look a little bit disturbing and not very comfortable… So, let’s see what could match perfectly together for this spring!


Share with us your ideas!

What about some fishnet tights paired with some high or low boots? It gives a fancy and sexy look! Personally, I love the low boots with the fishnet knee tights and some jogging pants, it makes the outfit chic but relaxed at the same time, like you grabbed the first thing you found in your closet (but we all know that’s not true ladies). Or what about some classy casual clothes with some colorful knee tights in in the pant? It makes all the difference with the touch of color, the contrast between for instance black and red is just amazing! Next example? Yours, there is so many possible combinations!

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