1st outfit


7:30 AM

The alarm just rang, I can only snooze it once more before it sets off again. It 7:30 AM on a Monday morning. The beginning of a new week and I’m already thinking about what I will have to do during this week.

7:45 AM



I am heading to the kitchen to get my morning delicious and awakening coffee, I remember what happened last week at this exact time ! My neighbour knocked on my door to ask me to borrow a pair of tights because she had a very important meeting in the morning and she couldn’t run to a store !

7:50 AM

As I sip my last bit of coffee, I rush to the bathroom to get ready. I still haven’t figured out what I’m going to wear today.


8:00 AM – The opening of my closet

Today, it sounds like I want to wear something comfortable and classy at the same time. It’s a bit cloudy here so I am going to look maybe for a nice red top and maybe a classy pants

woman red dress with black tights

I am looking for a dress similar to the one on the left !
1. Red dress with a
2. Black leather jacket
3. A pair of leather velour knee-highs boots
4. 40D Opaque tights

This is one of my favorite combo I think

I am trying it, fitting in this wonderfull dress, I love it but when I am looking through the window, the weather isn’t getting any better !

Let’s try another one !

2nd outfit

1st outfit was great but maybe not appropriate when I am looking at the weather which is a little cloudy !

woman dress black pants with blazer

So here is the 2nd outfit I tried this morning :

Blue jacket
White Shirt
A nice necklace which brings a classic style !
Black jean and some boots

This is a perfect outfit for everyday. It is a smart casual outfit.

I am going with it today !!! 

8:30 AM – I have found what I am going to wear !

8:35 AM – Just the time for me to go !

I am lucky, I am only living about 10 minutes away from myTights’offices, and eventhough the weather is not perfect, I really like to walk. It helps me to think about my friends and what I am going to plan for this week…

8:45 AM – A little stop at the bakery to get a croissant (yes I am hungry in the morning)

9:00 AM – I just arrived at work and let’s the day begin ! 

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