That’s it.

Your tights are dead, gone and torn up.

There’s nothing left to do.

The nail polish trick held up for a day but you’re obviously not going to wear them again. We do have a few tips and tricks up our sleeves for you. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT throw away your tights. There are so many uses for them that are going to help you a great deal. You don’t especially need to be crafty but there are many fun ways to re-utilize your tights from head to toe!

Vegetable storage?

Yes, you heard that right. Need a way to store your onions or other vegetables, then keep those tights and have a look below! Are you sick of keeping onions and finding the dried layers all over your kitchen counter or floor? Then the real solution is here, after inserting an onion, tie a knot after each one – no more peels!

Knit yourself a floor mat

Keep all the tights that tore and that you aren’t going to wear again. Once you think you have enough, try knitting yourself a floor mat! It’s perfect for the bathroom or front entrance floor mat. Try using old t-shirts or rags while you’re at it. All you have to do it knit them end to end so that it forms a long strand. Then braid them together into single strands and coil them around, gluing as you go so you make sure they’re going to last. From there you can easily make your desired shape and voila! You have yourself a bathroom mat!


What about a headband?

Not only is it easy but it quite practical and adds ‘the‘ accessory to any of your outfits. Whether you wear it to pull your hair back while applying makeup on in the morning or sleeping with it to get fuller, curly hair. First, cut the tights open and form a sort of triangle. You can wrap this around your head and knot it however you like. The second option is cut a leg off the tights so that you have a long strand. Put it around your head to have a long straight headband.

Check out this amazing Youtube DIY Tutorial on how to create your own fun take on headbands…using tights!  

Sleeping and waking up to curly and fuller hair…

Once you get out of the shower and your hair is damp, brush it and remove any excess water. When your hair is slightly dry, get pieces of your tights and start tying the first knot around a section of your hair on the ends. From there, start rolling upwards towards the roots and tie the second knot with the extremities of the tight piece so that it forms a small ball and it won’t move. Try covering your head with a piece of cloth (to protect your hair and eradicate frizz) and go to bed and sleep with them and next morning take them out. You’ll have great voluminous hair and gorgeous curls!

Cleaning cloths?

Tights that you won’t be wearing again serve as greats rags and cleaning cloths. Scrunch a pair or two together and put a tight elastic around it to firm a ball – so that it holds together. they work great for polishing shoes and wood! Add some beeswax to your wood and you’ll end up with shiny polished furniture. Try using one in the shower too, it works great for removing any scum or dirt off the glass and tiles.

How about potpourri?

Near the toe section of the tights, cut off a piece (about 10-15cm long) and insert different herbs and or flower petals inside. Lavender works great! Then tie a knot on the top to keep the herbs safely inside. Put the potpourri bags in your closet or towel cupboard – it will smell amazing.


There you go, now if you ever have a pair of tights lying around use them! Let your imagination roam, either use them as cleaning rags, potpourri bags or even hair ties. Have a go and try a couple, we promise it’s fun and useful.

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