When I was working on the potential post I could write, I asked my colleague “what can we do with tights except wearing them on the legs?”. I should precise I’m the only woman, the rest of my team are men so I let you imagine what ideas are theirs…


Light protection: what about slipping some dark tights on a car window to protect you from the sun? Choose the den in function of the opacity that you wish.

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Strainer: I’m not saying it’s a good or hygienic idea but you can use you tights in the kitchen… After all, there is a lot of holes in the tights and the water can be evacuated easily. Cook some pasta, empty the pan in the tights and here we go! You only need some butter and then you can eat! Bon appétit!


Shoes bag: have you already successed in packing your shoes in your luggage? At least for me it’s always tricky because there is always one shoe that gets lost in the room (if there is any) without its sibling or they’re dirty and you don’t want them to touch your other stuff. My solution: put one shoe in some tights and and cut them. Then you just need to tight your tights and to do the same for the other shoe. You can finally reunited both shoes in another piece of tights. Like that they’re reunited, well wrapped so they don’t make other stuff dirty!


Stocker: yes, it’s possible to stock various things in tights but let me give you some examples that are pretty interesting. First one, some sausages! Yep, if you need to smoke some sausages in your smoker why not to use some tights, right?! Otherwise, you could put in your tights some pens, make-up, coins, credits cards. In fact all the very tiny objects that you may have in your purse.  At least you’ll find them easily in your bag even if it’s not very fashionable when you take your little pockets out.


…We really hope that you’ll never use tights for this kind of things…

Burglary: a classic, just need to put on your face and that’s perfect! I would recommend to wear black tights but please don’t make a burglary, just don’t please…

Weapon and self-defense: tights are resistant and more especially if you choose a high den… keep a pair in your bag if you need to tight your enemy on a chair or anything else. In reality you could do more than just tight your aggressor but I let you use your imagination for that.

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Indeed, now we would like to have your opinion and other ideas that you may have on this topic. Don’t hesitate to be very creative, we won’t judge you 😉

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