Fishnet tights to the office?

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Fishnet Tights. The ultimate fashion accessory of 2017-2018. It can be worn in both winter and summer and give a gorgeous edge to any outfit.  If not styled properly – one can end up looking a little trashy or underdressed.
There are several ways to style your favorite fishnet tights – the most popular way would be to pair ripped boyfriend jeans and a simple t-shirt with a leather jacket – a wool jacket is perfect too. Pair everything with low leather ankle boots and you’re ready to go.
Now fishnet tights are all different – ranging from small holes to larger ones, each giving off a different look. Below are a few pictures of fishnet tights – just pick your favorite. All of these are taken right out of the DIM Tights catalog, each can be easily paired to give a classy yet chic look with a little bit of an edge.


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Yes, whether you believe its true or not well, I’m here to share the news. Things are changing and evolving and now many companies today don’t require their employees to wear suits or blazers all day, every day. Rather people need to dress up a little professionally but can wear whatever they desire, for example, many companies now permit Casual Fridays where you can wear Jeans!  Anyways wearing fishnets tights to work can look really great! Try wearing a blazer, white t-shirt, dark skinny jeans and wear those fishnet tights under those jeans. Wear short heels and your feet will look ravishing!

If you’re more into skirts or dresses, I would recommend wearing some tights with some small holes because it’s discreet but bring for sure a very personal touch to your outfit. It’s a classy/trendy style that will emphasize your personality but be careful while wearing fishnet tights not to look too sexy. This kind of tights was always associated with sensual women for decades. I mean sexy is good but in the professional world, it might be delicate to deal with it in some situations. It depends on the job that you have and to what you pair your tights indeed!

The most important when dressing for work is to always feel good, whatever you’ll wear, you’ll be gorgeous as long as you’re comfortable 🙂

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