Here’s the main question many of you might be asking yourselves…

Is a tight subscription the real solution to our problems?

Ok so here is the deal – it’s winter and your into wearing all-black outfits with 20D light tights and a gorgeous pair of boots. I mean who doesn’t? You’re the type of person that wears tights probably 2-4 times a week – depending on where you work and what your style is. You might be sick of running to the closest Migros or you’re getting dressed in the morning and your last pair of tights just ripped… meaning outfit change and you’re in a hurry, so this doesn’t help your case much. This is where the myTights subscription comes in real handy. It solves your time issues and to be quite frank your money issues too.

A subscription is defined by “an arrangement to receive something, typically a publication, regularly by paying in advance” – (Google Dictionary) – Things changed. Now you can get a subscription for a number of products or services – not only magazines or Netflix. This means that as per myTights, you pick and choose everything you need in terms of quantity, color, and date of reception of the package. From there, myTights packs everything up in a little box and delivers it right to your home or place of work. The plus side to this subscription is that there is no engagement – this means that if you decide you have enough pairs of tights in the closet or you’re going on a three month holiday then just hit the ‘pause’ button and it’s done. It so easy and replies to most problems that women currently face today. A lot of women actually might leave work earlier on a certain day to go grocery shopping (most stores in Switzerland close at around 18:30 – 19h) and get tights there? Plus they must be overpriced and won’t last you a very long time.

This subscription works like this: Get on and choose the tights you want. From knee-highs to 20D tights to opaque 40D tights – pick and choose what you would like to have delivered each month on your preferred date (1st or 15th of every month) and we send it right over – you never ever pay any shipping fee’s, no matter how many tights you order. Anyways, once you choose what you want and for when – you can easily get back to your account and add, change or take out anything. It all depends on you – what you do and how often you might wear tights in general.

Plus, myTights tights are actually affordable and of great quality. Barely 10CHF and you’re good to go for a few wears.  In case you want to keep them longer – there is an article that relates to how to keep your tights and entire season and how to properly clean them.

Below is our Community Manager working with quality testing at work. Pulling, scratching and playing around with all the different pairs of tights to see how long they’ll last and how easily they can snag. Answer is, not that easy!

We let you in on a couple of things we find positive about getting an online subscription to our service. We strive on being the first Tights subscription service in Switzerland and we got so much positive feedback about our tights but also out subscription service. It’s easy, reliable and it’s one less thing to worry about. 




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