Once upon a time …

And yes, it’s the time of the year when you see your friends getting married if you’re around 25-35 years. It might remind you (one more time) that you’re single or you can’t wait to get marry at your turn to show off your beautiful wedding dress and your amazing husband to the world!

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But before getting to this point, it’s maybe time to show your legs off instead. Let me explain you: it’s summer and it’s freaking hot out there and you need to stay elegant for the weeding. So you pick up a beautiful light and short dress, not that short because you’re at a weeding not to in a club, but still, you want to feel gorgeous by exposing your legs in your high heels and this little dress. Here is the question now, how can you feel gorgeous when you have some mosquito stings on your legs?

giphy woman okay

No seriously, am I the only one who get those enormous mosquito stings that are getting intensely red? Even I’m not stung by those mosquitos I still get some scratches and bruises by playing with my dogs in the garden, or punching my legs on the corner of low table or this kind of things… I’m a disaster I know! So my solution for the wedding to feel elegant “from everywhere”, I put some tights on. And yes, it hides imperfections even you get some super light 15DEN tights, it’s like foundation! Just need to put a light layer and the magic trick appears! And to still have the perfect tan you can wear countering light Honey 17Den as well.

Don’t forget to take at least a pair of new tights if you ladder it during the ceremony. If it’s during the party, then, it’s your choice to wear it on 😉

So no more excuse ladies, maybe you’ll meet your dream man!

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