It starts to get cold… ouhhhh

Those days I am feeling reading a good book at home… It was 16 degres outside on a Sunday Afternoon and I wanted to cook something for the family… well I was happy, I was reading quietly a book on how to make Fish in Sauce…  The way that my grandma was doing… so before starting to cook I wanted to read all the differents steps… until….

My little brother run to me and took this picture. 


I learn a new thing this week… 

Did you know that tights were so important to women during WWII that Americans painted some tights with some “liquid stocking” and drew some steams on the back of their legs ? they even went to some “leg make up bars”  in order to have the perfect fake tights effect.

You will discover thousand of new things in this blog. Always sharing the latest news that you will find on tights, ideas or creative things 🙂 

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